What is your Cancellation Policy?

Prepayment of service is refunded upon cancellation before start of service.

What is Your No-Show Policy?

Our customers have been consistently good to us, so we show the same leeway toward our customers as well.  If something happens where you miss your appointment, there is no charge for services.  Please try to let us know as soon as you can if you need to cancel so we are able to give the appointment time to someone on our wait list.

What Forms Of Communication Do You Accept?

Emails and texts are responded to the quickest at any time day or night.  Phone messages may take longer to return.  If you do leave a phone message, please include the preferred method of communication you would like in return and during what times you are available to recieve a call back.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

Most payments are taken through the links provided on this site.  Payment may at times be made at time of appointment for additional services in the form of cash, check, or most major credit cards.

Do You Accept Insurance?

We accept L&I Claims and PIP Insurance.  Due to the complexity of the general medical insurance system we currently do not file claims with medical insurance companies.

We will happily provide a receipt for service in the form of how many units (15 minutes = 1 unit), before and after pictures (when treating Lymphedema), measurements, medical practitioner notes, letters to any necessary medical providers, garment fittings (for Lymphedema), and any other practitioner requirement your insurance carrier needs for claim submission.  In this way we can provide for you what you need, yet still keep the majority of our time concentrated on treating the conditions that require medical insurance intervention.

An important fact to know is your medical insurance provider can go back at least 3 years and insist your massage treatment was not medically necessary and ask for all paid monies be returned.  This can add up to over 1,000.  When you go through the process of medical grade massage, regardless of the practitioner you see, make sure you keep a copy of everything, have an active Rx, keep your sessions within the limits of the Rx, and call your insurance company prior to service to verify their requirements under your insurance policy.  Being well prepared in advance is a lot easier than trying to pick up the pieces months or years after treatment.