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Our Philosophy

     The name Align Bodyworks comes out of the idea that the body strives for what is called 'homeostasis'.  The body wants to be in balance front and back, left and right, top to bottom.  Joints want to move unimpeded.  The mind and body want to be in sync.  When the body is not in balance, whether physically, mentally, or chemically, it has it's way of letting us know.  When a right shoulder hurts, it's going to not only affect the shoulder itself, it may also affect the head, neck (many muscles attach directly from the shoulder to the skull and to the neck vertebrae), the ribs, breathing, and the compensating factors that can occur below and to the left.  If an event has occurred affecting body or mind, it can retain the impact and carry it in all activities until it is addressed, even if it is decades later.  It's all connected.  When the body is a rest and you can focus on what you want to do, the body is no longer complaining to you about a long-ago issue.  That has been the focus of this practice from the beginning.  We have gradually added services that provide for the community and bring enjoyment and relief to life.
     Many issues can have their start in childhood, and even as an adult, resolution of those long term issues can be helped.  I look at what the activities of daily living are which include the kind of work and home life involved (stretching, bending, sitting, lifting).  Using goal setting, we work with where you are when we start, and where you want to be at the end of treatment.  This is the best way to make sure the bodywork is resolving the issues you are most concerned with.

Meet the Owner

Julie Deramo has worked and studied bodywork for over 15 years incorporating a wide variety of interests and skills to help serve her clients.  She spent her youth in the San Francisco Bay Area, served in the United States Marine Corps overseas and in Hawaii, worked in Seattle's Washington Mutual  during the beginning rise of the famous Starbucks and Amazon franchises, and raised two daughters in the Seattle area.  She takes a sincere interest in providing the best service for her customers.  She continues investing in her business, studying, and spending time with friends and family.

Julie Deramo

Founder & CEO

The benefits of learning to truly care for the human body are best when utilized by the practitioner as well as the client.



Life Is Busy, But Service Your Body Better Than Your Car

We only have one body.  Provide for yourself joints that last longer, shoulders that let you think during stress, strong contractible muscles, and a calm mind regardless of what storm you face.  Schedule a session today, or reach out via email.  We love helping people find the resources they need to lead a more productive life.