Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphedema, acute or chronic edema (swelling), post operative swelling, dense fibrous or lumpy tissue are some of the issues Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) treats.  This therapy manually removes blockages in the body's lymph system enabling removal of metabolic waste large protein molecules, and excess fluid from the tissues.  Without a well functioning lymphatic system, our body swells in the area it is overloaded.  MLD manually opens passageways to allow the excess waste to move toward healthy lymph nodes so your body can feel lighter and move easier.

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CranioSacral Therapy / SomatoEmotional Release

This gentle and effective therapy releases restrictions in the connective tissue enabling better movement for nerves, blood flow, and joints by working deeply treating and eliminating restrictions.  Relieve the symptoms of headaches, tension, chronic fatigue, autism, learning disabilities, and much more.  To see the full list of therapy potential please visit

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Learn To Massage Loved One, Your Children, Yourself

Couples - Learn how touch can relieve pain after work, spark romance, or bring utter relaxation.

Children - Learn how to ease your child back to sleep, defuse a tantrum, relieve pain, treat pets with kindness, and promote unconditional love.

Yourself - Learn skills and techniques to promote your own health, relieve pain, adapt to working conditions, handle confrontation or intimidation, heal skin faster, increase joint mobility, fight depression, and cope with everyday living.  Knowing what to do can turn frustration to something you can survive and thrive.

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Feel Younger Now

What makes you feel older?  The back, joints, wrist, shoulder?  The stiffness in your face or neck?

What if it was easier to move that joint?  What if your muscles contracted faster, easier?  What if your face could make the same facial expressions as when you were younger?

Youthaage is a massage that utilizes copper tools, essential oils, specific exercises, combined techniques, and over a decade of experience to help your body move farther, your arms and legs feel lighter, and your muscles move faster.  We target the specific goals you choose during your first visit.  As progress is made, and when you want to go farther, the goals can go farther with you.  We document progress so you can see for yourself where you started and what changes occur each session.  This is the only life you get to live, enjoy it!



Services Available At Your Home or Business Through Our Partners at LymphFlow Therapy. Click the Link and We Will Come To You!

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • CranioSacral Therapy / SomatoEmotional Release
  • Youthaage - Feel Younger Now
  • Youthaage - Regain the Natural Bounce of Healthy Skin
  • Youthaage - Facial Beauty
  • Learn To Massage Loved One, Children, Yourself
  • Spa Party - A Group Activity Exploring Touch and Smell
  • Essential Oil Blending Targeting Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellbeing