Insurance Covered Massage

We will gladly provide massage therapy for your doctor prescriped session including documentation, measurements and pictures (for lymphedema), and billing.

Every health insurance policy is like it’s own unique recipe.  Because of that, it’s important that you contact us before your scheduled massage so we can check on the insured benefits.  You can call or text at 425-945-6404 to speak with us directly, or email at or

You as the patient may also directly handle your claim for medically covered massage.

How to Bill Health Insurance Yourself

  1. Enroll in a flexible spending account (FSA).  You can use the card to pay for your the massage, and a receipt will be emailed to you directly.  Before doing so, please let us know so it can be set up properly to give you the best billing advantage.
  2. If for some reason your FSA card does not work (it should when entered in our credit card system) you can get a receipt that states the service you received, duration, and cost.  The receipt also has the state the name of the business and it’s tax ID number.  Most importantly, it needs to include the following billing code number for massage therapy: 97124, and it may need the NPI number (National Provider Number) as well.
  3. If you are using the massage for medical reasons, the massage will need a doctor’s prescription.  Without the prescription the medical health claim may be rejected by the insurance company.  In some cases an insurance company has been known to go back up to 2-3 years and request money returned due to no medical indication of need for massage.  When we deal with insurance companies, the procedures outlined are from experience and training to ensure claims are paid in a timely manner.

Massage is a necessity, not a luxury.  In the same way we treat the car that safely gets us to work and back, those long vacation drives, and dark snowy nights, our bodies deserve the same kind treatment as well.  Our life depends on mentally and physically functioning at our best, and when the Activities of Daily Living are impeded, it can be the beginning of the slow decline into old age.  It doesn’t need to happen like that, and we can help you get back to your normal activities.