Near Lake Samammish on the tree-lined road of Northup Way in Bellevue, WA,  Align Bodyworks provides massage therapy in a peaceful setting.  There is plenty of parking space, no crowds, and individualized attention the entire time.  The clear and understandable menu of services can be booked on-line (through the services link), with incremental times for those who want a quick in-and-out on their lunch break, or a 2 hour Swedish Massage at the end of the day.  Each session is individualized based on goals of treatment and what is assessed during treatment.

Swedish Relaxation is geared to promote relaxation by calming the nervous system and improving flexibility utilizing traditional strokes. Hot Stone Massage works along constricted muscles increasing blood flow and flexibility which can lead to a deeper night’s sleep.   The Facial Massage is unique in the way it targets the surface tissue of the skin from a structural framework, not applying chemicals and poking holes, but literally improving the circulation to the point that trapped and embedded waste rises up to the surface where it leaves the body so the skin can heal to a smooth and beautiful vision.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue addresses injury treatment, trauma, long term injuries, sports performance, and improving activities of daily living while still being a safe therapy choice for pregnancy as well.  CranioSacral Therapy/SomatoEmotional Release utilizes the nervous system to identify and release old or new holding patterns.  It has a subtle yet profound effect that allows the body to better align tissues and joints, which can have a noticible effect on how you age and how you perform daily tasks.  A full list and explanation of CranioSacral Therapy can be found at Upledger.com. The basic premise is holding the area of the body, being still enough to feel the deep spasms, targeting the correct areas, and leaving the body feeling as if the spasms were never there. This is possible in every area of the body, head to toe.  Therapeutic Aromatherapy matchs essential oils toward your unique physical, emotional, and mental well being adapted in a manor that will flow with your lifestyle.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) treats swelling (edema) for Lymphedema and post-surgical edema.  The difference between Lymphedema and other forms of edema is the breakdown of the lymphatic system which, in all bodies, is designed to take protein-rich fluid from our tissues (in every inch of the body) and bring it back to the cardiovascular system utilizing specialized lymphatic vessels.  When the lymph vessels fail due to cancer, surgery, trauma or primary, the area affected swells and begins to develop additional tissue from the decomposing cellular debris.  Currently the primary ways to alleviate the swelling is compression (bandaging and garments) and MLD.  MLD is just one part of Complete Decongestive Therapy.  Assistance is always available for compression wear, and yes, let us know if you have a doctor’s script and would like to use medical insurance (or L&I or PIP). 

Julie is a dedicated healing arts practitioner bringing 17 years of knowledge and experience on how to help the body realign and re-energize through many therapeutic modalities.  She is Klose trained, Certified Lymphatic Therapist, and she enjoys locating physical issues in the body and correcting imbalances using a variety of techniques that assess the bones, tissues, and nervous system, in ways that will help you achieve what you are looking for whether it is relaxation, better coordination, competitive edge, or therapeutic outcomes.

Julie Deramo, LMT, CLT

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, travels through Japan, Thailand, Korea, and living several years in Hawaii let her to wonder about my dad’s Finnish/Swedish extended family in the Pacific Northwest who had run the Carnation Farms.  After 20 years of living in the beautiful green north it has become her long-term and much loved home among family, friends, and the amazingly diverse span of musicians, scientists, therapists, festivals, hikes, dances, and activities that make the Pacific Northwest one of the best places to live.